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June 13, 2006



hey, nice stuff, it brings to mind the work of jimmy loizeau, from the rca. See http://www.auger-loizeau.com/ for his project, (project name: 'afterlife'). His deathbed is particularly interesting, taking the acid from the stomach of the deceased, and using it in a battery to generate electricity to drive electronics. Life after death for the atheist..... nice one!


Very helpful many thanks.


Agreed.. thanks. http://www.rapidsloth.com

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I'mm 22, and love movies, but there are a lot of classic movies and other really popular movies that I haven't seen. I just signed up for Netflix and want to expand my movie repitoire. Any suggestions?

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Its a lot cheaper to buy a generic battery for my ibook rather than buying one from the apple store...has anyone had any problems with a generic one? do they work the same or are they a lot worse?

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Agreed. Some folks use push/pull, and some of this comes from the "permission markeitng" concept from Seth Godin from about a decade ago. I also agree with you that social media and the ability to have a conversation (like this one) change the game. So maybe we need a new term?

You have some good points, and the best one might be that I prefer to debate less and do more marketing! If you are ever in Boston, look me up and I'll give you a tour of the HubSpot offices and buy you a coffee.


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